Their Greatest Strength has now Become their Weakness

Hakon’s Log

Thought of the Day: An open mind is a ready mind
Date: 4.813.004 M42

Silencing the guards outside the underground passage was messy. It was made messier by Kurner’s (who’s true name is Horne) debacle over the comms. Perhaps he was not as competent as I thought him to be. Regardless we made ready to move on. It was here that Osman commed in. He gave us good and fair warning of an incoming guard patrol. Unfortunately I could not fully trust him as the circumstances that put him into a position to message me were questionable at best. Having no other recourse the warband made to meet up with him in a timely manner.

Upon arriving, we found him in a tree. He had hidden himself well and carefully. Osman gave me what information he could, but with the doctor’s prognosis it did not look like we would be able to get him out of there. His leg had been horribly broken in the same crash that put him in the tree, and killed his comrades. To be left to die in the wilderness is a horrible thing, and no way for a warrior to perish. I gave him peace myself. I should have taken a momento.
From there our progress was much swifter. The warband moved north, with the doctor, and Horne having acquired uniforms off some carcasses. Horne also gave me a melta bomb, questionable as to why, but a useful tool to have nonetheless. On our second day of travel there was a minor confrontation with some guardsmen. One seemed unusually adept… Quite strange. Perhaps an angry soul seeks vengeance? The human also seemed unable to speak… as if something was holding it’s mouth shut. Perhaps one of us bears a darker secret than has been told already. Despite this the patrol died silently by blades. Horne did reasonable work I suppose. The techpriest Kane worked well in tandem with me. He is proving a useful ally.
The patrol truck was taken. Kane further proves his usefulness by giving the warband access to guard channels. We had found ourselves behind their patrols. Eventually and surprisingly we encountered the command complex. There was no plan. The doctor and Horne wander off immediately in the care of the enemy. This leaves Kane and I to sneak in. We do so by exploiting their vent system that had been carefully screening the base. How delightful that their greatest strength has now become their weakness. With the aim being to interface Kane with the loyalist machines to find volkov, we begin moving through the vents. We pass over a shower room, a training ground and an infirmary. It is here we see the doctor and Horne. We wait till attention is directed away before moving on.

How fate smiled upon me! Kane and I leave the vents to emerge into an officer’s quarters. While he interfaced for a map, I examine the hallway outside. Lo and behold there stands Volkov. Righteous slaughter follows, as I blow him apart with my boltgun. Strangely enough the sounds of battle can be heard through the facility.

Vragg steps through the door, obviously the harbinger of battle. He leads us down into the lowest levels of the complex with secret passages. There he uncovers an obsidian device surrounded by four shrines. It seems Horne and I had the same line of thought… Chaos. Kane seemed… inclined to it, and quickly obeyed Vragg when he requested Kane read the objects inscriptions. Kane was deaf to our protestations. A heated discussion followed with Vragg claiming he wants something called the “Immortal” to help free humanity. Vragg claims to be willing to die for his cause and I go to test it. Vragg inspires commendable loyalty in his followers and seems to truly believe in his cause… It is possible that I have been wrong with my initial impression of him. Horne however I seem to have completely overestimated and it is only by the doctor’s persuasive skills that he is still with us. Though why the doctor felt the need to bend the knee to the wretch is beyond me.

End of Log.



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