" I insist"



  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 881
  • Build: Muscular
  • Height: 7’2" (7’4" in armour)
  • Weight: 200 kg, 300kg in armour
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Skin colour: Pale
  • Eye colour: Green
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Pride: Martial Prowess (+5 WS -5 INT)
  • Disgrace: Regret (Opponents get a situation +10 to intimidate)
  • Motivation: Legacy (+2 Infamy, -4 INT)


WS 54 Wounds 19/19
BS 51 Insanity 0
Str 46 Corruption 5
T 44 Kills 0
Ag 47
Int 36
Per 42
WP 48
Fel 42
Inf 33

Athletics – Trained
Awareness – Trained
Command – Trained
Common Lore
War – Trained
Dodge – +10
Forbidden Lore
Adeptus Astartes – Trained
Horus Heresy – Trained
The Long War – Trained
Intimidate – Trained
Low Gothic – Trained
Navigation Surface – Trained
Operate Surface – Trained
Parry – Trained
Scrutiny – Trained
Stealth – +10

Talents & Traits
Bulging Biceps
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses Hearing
Heightened Senses Sight
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance – Cold/Heat/Poisons
Unarmed Warrior
Lightning Reflexes
Rapid Reload
Double Team
Sure Strike
Unnatural T +4
Unnatural ST +4
Cold KIller
Air of Authority

Advances and Alignment
Ancient Warrior
BS +5
Stealth + 10
WS + 5
Fellowship + 5
Air of Authority

Alignment – 4 Undivided, 1 Khorne, 2 Slaanesh, 1 Tzeentch


Svaldr is Chosen

The saga starts with Svaldr, son of Cormun, who was a clan chieftain of the barbarian world of Stygia-Aquillon. Svaldr’s greatest wish was to be a sky warrior and fight amongst the stars, and as such he worked tirelessly in the manly arts as befits a chieftain’s son. Sailing on many a raid in his youth, it was his daring that caught the eye of the sky warriors as many of Svaldr’s raids pushed deep into rival lands. One day upon his return, he found his father and two sky warriors awaiting him at the front of his clan hall. His dream had come true…

Svaldr is Humbled

Taken in their metal ship, Svaldr was brought to the Proving Grounds, a sacred and hallowed place for his people where the sky warriors winnowed out the chosen. Thrown into the pit with several others, he was aghast to find himself in front of a hungry Eitbruthor – a mighty drake with scales as hard as steel, and a venomous breath that could kill a man in seconds. Svaldr thought to overcome the beast with fury, trusting his father’s sword to pierce the scale. As Svaldr charged, the wyrm’s jaw’s opened, and Svaldr was filled with bitterness as he saw death approach. As death began to vomit forward, Svaldr was pushed out of the way at the last second. Looking up, one called Vainar who was son of Brejtho had pushed Svaldr away. Though they later slew the wyrm, Svaldr learned humility that day, and made a friend in Vainar.

Svaldr’s Rebirth

Since the slaying of the Eitbruthor, Svaldr and Vainar were inseperable. Together they endured the trials that made them into sky warriors, Adeptus Astartes as they are properly called, and began their long service amongst the deceiver’s chosen. Fighting in several crusades, it was only during that fateful conflict known as the Badab War that set them down their path.

The Badab War

The chapter answered the call to repay their ancestral debt to the Astral Claws, and Svaldr and Vainar were amongst the first to fight. They relished the chance to prove themselves against other Astartes, and they fought proudly and defiantly side by side. Ultimately however the Astral Claws, now known as the Red Corsairs, proved themselves to be honourless dogs. As for Svaldr, his chapter’s honourable actions allowed them to leave the war with good grace. For the chapter’s part in the war, they were punished to pursue a hundred year penitent crusade.

Svaldr’s War

Svaldr again fought with Vainar, now Axe Commander Vainar, and served beneath him as a battle brother. As the chapter embarked on their penitent crusade, they crushed xenos empires, and put down rebellions. Slowly but surely, our brothers fell one by one, and our ranks began to thin. The first company to be dissolved was the tenth, with no new recruits coming in; all of the neophytes were eventually promoted to full battle brothers. Soon afterwards losses forced the dissolution of the seventh, eighth and ninth companies. The fifth company was disbanded after battling a splinter fleet of hive leviathan, and its members reallocated to other companies. The fourth fell fighting off a Waagh in a desperate rear guard action to save Imperial lives. By the time the Despoiler’s Thirteenth Black Crusade launched itself out of the Eye of Terror; we numbered only three companies strong.

When the Black Crusade erupted across the entire Cadian sector, Svaldr and his battle brothers were allocated piecemeal along a wide front. Fighting against the endless waves of plague zombies on Agripinaa, Svaldr and Vainar alongside their company fought long and hard, but the plague marines of the Death Guard proved intractable. One by one his brothers fell, thrown into the meat grinder of war whilst other more “noble” chapters took the spotlight. No one was there to see when Hogni slew a champion of Nurgle before being cut down in turn by their vengeful blades, and no one was there to see Morri sacrifice himself to save the lives of a guard platoon. Many were these sacrifices with none to take note of their deeds. Their names fell into the cold dark, unremembered and unsung.

Soon it was naught but Svaldr, Vainar and a handful of battered brothers left. Ordered to push forward, one by one the last of Svaldr’s brothers fell till only Vainar was left. Together they steadily progressed, despite their support steadily eroding away. The breaking point came when they ended up full on engaging the main Death Guard contingent. With their support finally stripped away, and their foes numberless, Svaldr’s nerve broke and in desperation he made to flee. Maddened by sorrow and fear, he did not heed Vainar’s commands. When Vainar made to stop him, both fought, and Vainar fell on that field, robbed of his axe by Svaldr. Of Svaldr… He was never seen again.

Hakon’s Saga

It is at the end of the first wave of Abaddon’s black crusade that the saga of Hakon begins. Arising from the flaming ruins of Agripinaa he was a terror to both Imperial and Chaos forces alike. With the retreat of Imperial forces upon Agripinaa, Hakon’s craftiness allowed him to secure a berth to another warzone for he appeared shortly afterwards upon Cadia itself. Fighting again against both Imperial and Chaos forces alike, he found an unlikely ally in Lucius Nightblade, a war leader of the Night Lords legion. Having found a rare friendship in each other, and bonded in respect of their war craft, and mutual hatred of Chaos and the Imperium, they both began to sow terror in the Cadian theatre.

As Night Lords are wont to do, they began to yearn for fresher hunting grounds as the Cadian theatre had soured, especially with Abaddon’s disdain of their legion. Travelling and reaving with them, Hakon had an almost nostalgic feeling of camaraderie amongst them. Their contentedness with reaving though was what eventually caused Hakon to leave. Yearning for greater things, Lucius and Hakon parted on good terms, and Hakon slowly journeyed from warband to warband towards the screaming vortex. Fighting with the Screeching Harpies he befriended Nalefax, an ex Black legionnaire, and also befriended Corvad, a more recent renegade of the Blood Angels. It is quite a shame that a legacy of treachery and betrayal leaves one with so few true brothers to count on.

However, it is upon arriving at the Screaming Vortex that Hakon’s list of accomplishments grew. He slew the champion of the Bloody Maw in single combat, served for a while as a body guard of a mighty sorcerer of Q’sal, and even served briefly with the warband of the Ebon Claw before parting on somewhat disastrous terms. It is at this point requiring time for refit and repair that Hakon finds himself aboard Olav Yurik’s ship, graced seemingly by a mysterious patron.

Character Relations

Dr. Hans Bellmer
An interesting if somewhat unprepared fellow. He seems to be possessed of a civility and etiquette that is rarely found this far from civilized worlds that is quite refreshing. His lack of combat skills is concerning however, especially in the rougher places that the ship will be travelling to. Hopefully his medical skills will at least be up to the task. For now he seems to be a useful ally and friend. Recent events have proved that the concern about the doctor’s combat skills are valid. Having not fired a single round in anger once since hitting the dirt of Faldon Kise, there is perhaps some worry that the doctor will meet an untimely death due to his lack of willingness to fight. It is interesting that it takes a complete mental breakdown of an unstable, paranoid wretch to bring the doctor to break his composure.

Werner Horne AKA Alfred Kurner
A very uninspiring fellow, Horne has been confirmed to possess the skills Hakon had assumed he had. Plain faced and easy to forget, he has proved promising enough to want to join forces with, but it was disappointing to see his innate paranoia shine through and refuse the offer. (Perhaps I may have come on too strongly?) Too much might have been revealed, he is not to be trusted, especially because of this many talents… Recent events have proven that the lack of faith shown in Horne has been warranted. While his combat skills seem to be competent, his selfishness in keeping valuable information has been noted, and is not looked kindly upon. To further compound this low view, Horne has shown his weakness of will, as he storms away from hard choices like that of a petulant child. Further proof that he should not be trusted with important tasks.

Kane Dalton
A man of conviction is refreshing to find aboard this ship. He possesses a thirst for knowledge that will probably lead to trouble however, and his views on chaos are something to be concerned about…. However Kane is an interesting font for discourse about the state of the universe and will likely prove a good ally. Recent actions have shown Kane to be a solid and capable ally in times of conflict. A little too single minded in discovery of knowledge, he will have to be carefully watched lest he succumb to chaos.

Faith in Humanity

Humanity was what the Great Crusade fought for, and in the years that have gone by this has been perverted by the corrupt and decadent bureaucracy into something that instead oppresses and exploits the people. While some do deserve this oppression, most don’t, and humanity is still seen as inherently possessing a core seed of goodness deep inside. They deserve to be fought for and assisted, but not to be carried forward like children.


Sovereign Cjwee