Kane Dalton


Gender: Male
Age: 27
Build: Athletic
Height: 6’0
Weight: 215lbs (without mechanical additions 185lbs)
Handedness: Right-Handed
Skin Colour: Pale
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Ash blonde

Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Innovation

WS: 33
BS: 47
S: 36
T: 42
Ag: 42
Int: 50
Per: 42
WP: 34
Fel: 44
Inf: 30

Wounds: 12/12
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 12

Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) (Trained)
Common Lore (Tech) (Trained)
Common Lore (Screaming Vortex) (Trained)
Forbidden Lore (Warp) (Trained)
Linguistics (Low Gothic) (Trained)
Dodge ( 10)
Logic (Trained)
Medicae (Trained)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Trained)
Security (Trained)
Tech-Use (
Trade (Armourer) (Trained)
Awareness (Trained)
Stealth (Trained)
Athletics (Trained)
Scrutiny ( +10)

Talents and Traits
The Quick and The Dead (2 to Initiative)
Mechanicus Implants (Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors, Respirator Unit, Cyber-Mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry)
Quick Draw
Cold Hearted (Immune to seduction, resistant to Charm)
Enemy (Mechanicus)
Total Recall
Armor-Monger (Increase efficacy of armor)
Mechadendrite (Utility-Machine Spirit Interface, Optical, Medicae, Manipulator, Utility) (
10 to all Tech-Use tests)
Rapid Reload
Technical Knock (Unjamming is a Half Action)
Lesser Minion
Sound Constitution

Weapon Training (Las)
Weapon Training (Primary)
Weapon Training (Shock)
Weapon Training (Bolt)

Gift Of The Gods
Warp Sight (you can clearly see your enemies, +10 to Awareness, -10 to Scrutiny)

Las Carbine (Best, Basic, 1d10+3, Pen 0, range 75m, clip 60, rld half, Reliable)
Great Weapon (Good +5 to hit, Melee, 210, Pen 0, Unbalanced -10 to parry)

Heavy Carapace (6 to All)

Cerebral Implants
Auspex (20 Awareness, Tech-Use test to see invisible or hard to see)
Ligature Oils
Combi Tool
Optical Mechadendrite (
10 to Perception, 20 for vision tests, see in the dark
Maglev Coil (hover 20-30 cm for a few minutes)
Medicae Mechadendrite (
10 to Medicae)
Med Kit (not full)
Food Rations


When asked where he hails from, Kane will often smirk and joke that he’s a proud son from Dusk, where he learned to break a man’s neck at the age of 2 with his bare hands. Or perhaps he’ll say he’s from Klybo where he was raised by the mysterious monsters that roam the land. But in truth, Kane doesn’t entirely remember who he is, where he’s from, or who his parents were.

He had put his past behind him when he joined the Adeptus Mechanicus, something which he would come to regret.

Whatever his past may have been, he eventually found himself working on the Explorator fleets, floating across the Koronus Expanse looking for bizarre anomalies. At first he found the work exhilarating, being able to travel across the galaxy and making new discoveries. But soon Kane found himself becoming tired of the routines and documenting that his job on the fleets required. He felt a sense of hunger inside him that he could not satisfy, a sense of adventure and purpose, something that his fellow Mechanicus didn’t share. He knew he was different from his peers, they felt pride in their lack of humanity, whereas he felt shame in having lost most of his. While he was referred to only as Kane, in his mind he had given himself a family name, Dalton. He felt proud that the name gave him character, but he dared not speak it around his comrades lest he be mocked for his sentimentality. He kept these feelings to himself for what felt like years, until he and his fleet landed on Ntharis, a seemingly unassuming Agri-world. It was here that Kane’s life changed forever.

After having been on the planet for a few days and finding nothing out of the ordinary or even remotely interesting, Kane found himself aimlessly wandering into a small town in the late evening. Compared to the humble villagers, he stuck out like a sore thumb with his Mechanicus implants. He would glance at them as they gawked at his appearance, to them he was a whole other species from them, a mechanical man stripped of everything.

But Kane’s thoughts were suddenly dashed when he heard a blast coming from a home up ahead. Kane ran towards the commotion, seeing fire and smoke of various colours, and he found himself feeling more alive than he had in weeks. When he reached the site of the explosion, he found that the humble home had been reduced to ashes with blue flames swirling around it.

At the centre of the storm stood a scrawny, balding middle-aged man who had his arms raised and screamed to the sky about how he had at last been blessed by the Architect of Fate and how through his vast knowledge he would become the powerful ruler he was destined to be. The other villagers ran screaming from the fiery wreckage, and soon Kane was the only person who dared to stand so close to the flaming blue storm.

Kane found himself entranced not by the screaming man, but by the blue flames. In them he saw many faces swirling and twisting, and in the roar of the fire he could almost hear a voice calling out to him. Soon bizarre flying masses of flesh, eyes, and mouths started flying from the fire and began flying into the nearby homes of the other villagers. One or two of them would fly by Kane, quietly inspecting him, before setting their sights elsewhere. And still Kane found himself hypnotized by the flames.

It was then that a small group of acolytes from the Imperium appeared and began taking down the dozen or so horrors that were continuing to torment the town. One of the acolytes, a guardsman, managed to snap Kane out of his trance by shaking him by the shoulder and ordering him to get out of the way. Kane stood aside as he watched the band of acolytes as they eliminated the horrors and eventually managed to subdue the heretic at the centre of the storm with a bullet straight to the skull. In the chaos of the aftermath, Kane managed to make his way to the corpse of the man who dreamed of being a king and stared at him. He was just a normal man, nothing special, and yet he had come so close to becoming great if only his body’s weaknesses hadn’t forsaken him.

While walking back to the fleet ship, Kane realized that if it was him at the centre of that storm, he would’ve been unstoppable. He wasn’t a pathetic bag of fragile flesh like that man was, he was smarter, but above all he was stronger. He realized that having becoming a combination of man and machine, he was stronger than most, but came to the conclusion that he could be so much better. With images of the dancing blue flames in his head, he knew that he would have to further explore the Warp to get answers, to find out how to create the ultimate being.

He knew that the Adeptus Mechanicus would never approve of this, but he didn’t care, he knew that they would never understand anything outside of gears and wires. The ultimate being would need to be a combination of human, machine, and as he realized that night, power.

So that night Kane Dalton hijacked a small transporter ship and took off, not knowing exactly where he was going, but he felt his heart pumping hard in his chest, something he hadn’t felt in years.

While he seems like a very intimidating fellow, he does seem to have his heart in the right place and is very friendly once you get him to open up. He seems to have a grudge against the Emperor, which I can’t exactly blame him for, but his ideas need more fleshing out. I’m not entirely sure that he knows what he wants out of this world just yet, he’s still trying to figure it out. He has a great hatred for stealth tactics and underhanded methods, he is a very honest and straightforward individual and I can respect him for that.
He has proven himself to be an extremely capable ally on the battlefield. His temper is short but he is agreeable and will look out for his allies in difficult situations. Like Alfred he believes me to be simple in a sense, but he recognizes my skills and expertise. I am conflicted about his status as a proper specimen, he enjoys putting himself into dangerous situations and has shown unwillingness to learn and observe.

Dr Hans Bellmer
A cosmetic doctor who is preoccupied with how he is perceived by others. He has forged something of a friendship with Hakon and Kurner.
I must admit that he seems to be of no use on the battlefield, while I can respect his intellect it unfortunately goes to waste in a body that cannot fight. He is an unfit specimen. He has proven to be helpful in healing the wounded and is very adept at communicating with others, and I am relieved that he has formed a strong enough bond with Kurner to snap him out of his hysteria, they seem to have formed a doctor/patient relationship, though I’m not sure if Kurner has realized this.
Dr Bellmer seems to have a strong interest in the area of bodily enhancements and improving the human body. He says that he wishes to use these enhancements to help others, and because he’s a doctor I’m tempted to believe him, but I feel he has other plans in mind. But in any case his strong intellect and his expertise in the human body will be beneficial towards my goals and he’s proven himself to be quite agreeable. While he may be an unfit specimen, he will be a more than adequate partner in discovery.

Alfred Kurner
A strange man with many secrets. He’s always seen carrying around a suitcase full of, what I have discovered recently, to be a large amount of explosives. His intentions for these explosives are unclear. He is clearly a man who prefers isolation to being in a team, and will quickly turn on his allies. He cannot be fully trusted, though he does seem to have a knack for strategy and can think quickly on his feet. But he is not as smart as he thinks he is, I think that is what has led to his solitary lifestyle. I have seen him in battle and despite his small size he does manage to successfully subdue his opponents. Despite all of this he is not a proper specimen, especially since I suspect he lacks certain basic education and he is prone to irrational outbursts. He seems to be under the impression that I am dimwitted, I did not appreciate his comments when I was inspecting the object that Vrag was holding and I’m not entirely sure what reaction he was hoping to provoke by calling me mentally retarded. Saying things like that wouldn’t endear me towards his point of view, his irrational behavior confuses me. For someone that is unsure of what he wants, he seems to have a clear idea of what he would like OTHERS to do.

Kane Dalton

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