Werner Horne


Gender: Male
Age: 49
Build: Slight
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 155 lbs
Handedness: Right
Skin Colour: Pale
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Pride: Foresight; +5 PER -5 FEL
Disgrace: Wrath; +5 PER -2 WP -1 WOUND
Motivation: Vengeance; +2 WOUND -5 PER
Alignment: Unaligned; S:2 K:0 N:0 T:0

EXP: 900 spent 100 left. Purchased +5 Fellowship, Unremarkable, Security, Tech Use

A small unassuming man of middle age. Gifted with an easily forgotten face, Mr. Horne has little trouble blending into a crowd and moving unseen through the open. His dress is plain yet crisp, betraying his middle class background. He requires spectacles for reading.

WS 35 Wounds 14/14
BS 35 Insanity 0
Str 33 Corruption 0
T 30 Kills 0
Ag 45
Int 41
Per 52
WP 39
Fel 40
Inf 20

Deceive +10
Scholastic Lore (Legend, Philosophy, Tactica Imperialis )
Forbidden Lore (The Horus Heresy and Long War, Psykers, The Inquisition)
Inquiry +10
Stealth +10
Common Lore (Imperium, Adeptus Arbites)
Linguistics: Low Gothic
Trade (Any 1 TBD)
Tech Use

Talents and Traits:
Air of Authority
Hatred (Any 1 TBD)
Peer (Any 1 TBD)
Total Recall
Unshakable Will
Weapon Training (Las, Primary)
Disturbing Voice
Iron Discipline
The Quick and the Dead
Serpent’s Tongue

Laspistol (Good)
Sword (Best)
Two Laspistol Clips
Civilian Clothing
Mesh Combat Coat
Melta Bomb
Demolition Kit


Caradonia; once a pastoral emerald paradise, now nothing but an ash strewn husk, hardly able to support life. For centuries Caradonia lay isolated and forgotten by the Adeptus Administratum, lost among the countless records of the vast Imperium of Man. It was as such the world self-governed, largely capable of sustaining itself (requiring only minor trade for some technological goods). Under the leadership of an elected assembly, Caradonia prospered and existed in relative peace. It was during this bountiful period of Caradonia’s past that Werner Horne was born and raised. The son of a banker, Werner came from a well founded family and as such was afforded with opportunity in life allowing him to pursue education, focusing his efforts in literature and philosophy. Even as a young boy, Werner rarely mingled amongst his peers, preferring instead to ever be on the fringe, more content in observation than participation. It was this trait mixed with his educated background that lead him to persue a career as a journalist and editor for the Mervian Herald, a weekly publication circulated throughout the planetary capital of Mervia. Werner approached his career with a cool professionalism, and quickly found himself promoted to managing editor at the mere age of 24. It was near this time however everything changed, not only for Werner Horne, but all Caradonia.

Had it not been for a navigational error by the Imperial survey vessel Nostradamus, Caradonia may well have remained lost to the Imperium till the end of time. While gathering their bearings, the crew of Nostradamus put their ship to orbit around Caradonia. The Nostradamus set about its work whilst waylaid, and made the discovery that sealed Caradonia’s fate, countless thick strains of platinum located deep beneath the planet’s surface. The Nostradamus passed this information onto the Administratum who in turn assigned a planetary governor, Felix Marcellus Lucan, and a task force of Imperial Guard to reassert Imperial control of the planet and prepare it for an extensive mining operation. At the beginning, the people of Caradonia did not oppose Imperial rule, leaving Governor Lucan free to dismantle the elected assembly and begin the extraction of the deep-rooted precious metal.

The environmental impact was disastrous, the sky burned red with fire, and the rivers ran black with soot. Millions took ill and died as the entire planet suffered and tectonic plates were unnaturally forced to contort. The tyranny of the Guard garrison stood to only aggravate Caradonia’s issues further. All expression was firmly controlled and the Mervian Herald along with most other publications were liquidated, and those who spoke against the new regime were drawn from their homes and executed as dissidents. Werner Horne, along with a few dozen colleagues began an anti-imperial pamphlet, run from the basement of his Mervian home. The pamphlet called for non-violent acts of disobedience against the Imperium and regular mass demonstrations. At one such demonstration of nearly 100,000 participants at Burnham Square near the old capitol buildings, an order direct from Lucan himself was given to annihilate the protesters. Artillery barrages were called, killing tens of thousands, while armour and infantry battalions were mobilized to exterminate the survivors. The Burnham Massacre opened Werner Horne’s and all Caradonia’s eyes, there would be no peaceful resolution, and unless stopped by force the Imperials were here to stay. Horne and his colleagues printed one last pamphlet calling for open war before leaving the capitol to join one of several militant resistance groups already assembling in the forests and swamps of Caradonia. It cost the people of Caradonia dearly, but eight months after the Burnham Massacre, Governor Lucan was dragged from his palace and lynched while the garrison was driven off-world, their weapons and vehicles seized by the rebels. Victory was theirs, and the people of Caradonia rejoiced. The Imperium was ejected from their beloved home, and in time Caradonia would heal, or so they hoped.

Peace was not to last however. Within the year the Imperium returned, and this time their will would not be undone. The Imperial invasion struck swift and hard, 24 Imperial Guard divisions and a battlegroup consisting of 45 Adeptus Astartes from the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter took the field whilst 14 Cruisers and the Battleship Orion bombarded the planet from above. Despite possessing vast quantities of weapons and armor taken from the garrison driven away months earlier, Caradonia’s defenders were able to form but a token resistance against such overwhelming odds. Unable to battle Imperial forces directly in the field, the people of Caradonia turned to subtler tactics. For years a grueling guerrilla war was carried out against the Imperials to some effect. Well placed acts of sabotage and assassination helped delay the reintroduction of inner crust mining, and the mortality rate among high ranking officials visiting to oversee progress was acceptably high. Horne found himself adept in the arts of infiltration, observation, stealth and sabotage, and as such partook extensively in the long guerrilla campaign. His impressive record and cool professionalism impressed his superiors, and in recognition Werner was placed in command of a small elite team of saboteurs, ordered to carry out the most critical of operations. In order to pacify the situation once and for all, consent was given by the Lord Commander Militant himself to exterminate the entire population of Caradonia, thus allowing mining to recommence unobstructed. While the destruction of the populace was systematically underway, leaders among the resistance realized little could be done to prevent their impending doom. As one last act of defiance, a resolution was passed by the Caradonia government in exile, ordering all guerrilla fighters if able to smuggle themselves off world to continue the war in Imperial space and on Imperial streets. Werner Horne and his team were able to stow away upon on a trader vessel posing as crew, thus able to escape the doom of their people and become the incarnation of their retribution.

For over a decade Werner and his saboteurs traveled across the Imperium, bringing death and destruction with them. Regional governors, Imperial officers, hospitals and citizens were all targets. If an opportunity presented itself to damage the local administration in a meaningful way, it was doggedly seen through, no matter the cost. Though efficient and effective, the life of a guerrilla in enemy territory is brutal and short, and over the years Werner’s team slowly fell one by one, till after a botched assassination of an Adeptus Arbites System Commandant, only Werner himself remained. Though alone and surrounded by enemies, Werner Horne continues the fight of his people, traveling from system to system, executing justice as he sees fit. Today Werner finds himself aboard the Rogue Trader vessel Imperial Hope, bound for the Calixis sector. While on board Werner keeps to himself, choosing still to this day to watch and observe whilst adopting the name Alfred Kurner. He pays particular caution to the hulking marine, tech-priest and posh aristocrat he’s noticed among his fellow passengers.

Character Relations:

Dr. Hans Bellmer: A careless arrogant sentimental psychic doctor who clearly has unresolved issues with a child. Interesting. The Doctor remains an enigma to me. I do not know why he runs or the exact reason he defies the Imperium. A man with mysterious motivation is cause enough for concern, when mixed with the abilities of a psyker he may prove down right dangerous. Dr. Bellmer appears to keep a calm and leveled mind, but in my experience men such as this oft hide the darkest of daemons.

Hakon: I am not sure what to make of Hakon. One moment he may attempt through sheer force of strength to assert his will, and the next he will offer his comrades a week’s worth of rations asking for nothing in return. Though I do not trust him, Hakon may prove useful in the weeks and months to come. Then again he may very well get us all killed.

Kane Dalton: A peculiar individual for a number of reasons. Most notably, Kane is a former servant of Mars. The particulars of his separation from the Adeptus Mechanicus are unknown to me, but he clearly shows no loyalty for the Imperium. Through virtue of his trade Kane is clearly quick of mind when it comes to working with machines and electronics, I have come to the conclusion however he suffers from a form of social retardation, the extent to which this weakness impairs him is as yet unknown.

Party: I have found myself surrounded by a bizarre menagerie of creatures: a psyker, a cyborg, and a space marine. I do not trust one among them, and i imagine they feel much the same about me. Though I feel insecure amongst them, opportunities have arisen to damage the Imperium in a meaningful manner, and to do so I will need their help. Perhaps it would be prudent to affect an affable attitude towards these strange creatures to better win their trust and utilize them in service of the Caradonian War of Liberty.

Werner Horne

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