How to Be, by Ethan Halbrook

How to Be is a book on etiquette and behaviour. Chapters cover everything from how to treat women, to how to behave at the dining table.

Ethan Halbrook is a well known writer, especially among the higher circles of the Imperium. His writing style is direct, to the point, and worthy of awards.

Table of Contents
Chapter 00 – Foreward
Chapter 01 – When to Read this Book
Chapter 02 – The Intricacies of Word Choice
Chapter 03 – Titles (as Compliments, and Insults)
Chapter 04 – The Fork in the Road (Dining with Class)
Chapter 05 – When is it Okay to Yell?
Chapter 06 – On Pets
Chapter 07 – On Women
Chapter 08 – On Other Men
Chapter 09 – Children and how to Avoid them
Chapter 10 – Being the Alpha
Chapter 11 – The Art of Sarcasm
Chapter 12 – Giving and Keeping Your Word

(more to come – i’m working on it!)

How to Be, by Ethan Halbrook

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