Penolpass was, until 3.999.998 M41, classified as a Feudal World by the Imperium of Man. In the latter half of 998 M41, Penolpass saw an explosion in the mining sector when untapped resources were discovered under the Feralli Mountains. Foreign investment brought significant wealth, modern technology, and the members of the Adeptus Mechanicus (in an effort to oversee the proper implementation of the Machine God’s will). The rush of mining corporations quickly turned violent, opening the door for black market weapons trades, flooding the planet with unregistered, unaccounted for modern military equipment, and resulting in a sudden increase in violent crime. Many believe, with good reason, that the weapons trade was put in place for more nefarious purposes than simple mining disputes.

Meanwhile, the backward political system of Penolpass began to crumble. The Emperor loving King Judea died, leaving his Queen in charge. Unhappy with their new ruler, the noble families revolted.

These separate incidents have come together to create a volatile situation – ideologically and politically backwards people, armed with modern equipment and opposing theologies, with no purpose other than to claim dominance. In the hopes of retaining control, the Imperium constantly sends troops to win a war that would see an end to the feudal system, and bring about religious and political subjugation, with the introduction of an official planetary governor.

Perhaps more interesting than the political situation is this – there are rumours of unsanctioned, warp-based research being conducted on Penolpass. Whether the research is military or otherwise is uncertain, but Psykers and Astropaths have grown more wary of the planet as the years have passed.

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