Dr. Hans Bellmer

Perfection exists so that man can know what it means to have ambition.



  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Build: Athletic
  • Height: 6’2", 185cm
  • Weight: 175lbs, 79kg
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Skin Colour: Olive
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Pride: Craftsmanship (+1 inf, +3 ag, +3 int, -3 ws, -3 bs)
  • Disgrace: Regret (+5 cor, opponents get +10 to intimidation)
  • Motivation: Perfection (+5 fel, -3 ws, -3 bs)


WS 28 Wounds 11/11
BS 28 Insanity 0
Str 36 Corruption 17
T 36 Kills 0
Ag 41
Int 45
Per 39
WP 58
Fel 50
Inf 27


Athletics Trained
Awareness Trained
Charm +10
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) Trained
Common Lore (Imperial Navy) Trained
Deceive Trained
Dodge Trained
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) Trained
Linguistics (Low Gothic) Trained
Medicae +10
Psyniscience Trained
Trade (Remembrancer) Trained

Talents & Traits

Jaded ignore mundane horrors
Warp Sense allows psynicience test as a free action
Haunted opponents get +10 to intimidation
Radiant Presence 20m euphoria, others get +10 to resist Fear and Intimidation

Weapon Training (Primary)
Weapon Training ( Las)

Psychic Powers

Mind Over Matter
Precision Telekinesis
Telekinetic Shield
Thought Sending
Mind Link
Mind Probe
Psychic Scream

Gifts of the Gods

Wreathed in Chaos – +10 bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests with fellow Disciples of the Dark Gods. Against others, such as xenos or inhabitants of the hated Imperium, +10 to Intimidate Tests only.


The streets of Upper Hive Bremen usually remain quite spacious, but an Inquisitorial parade draws a crowd and curious eyes, especially those of excitable children. Hans and Magdalene Bellmer were two such children. Twins of the famed thespian couple, they were quick to find any distraction from their parents’ suffocating impositions. And what better distraction than to see an inquisitor, his acolytes, and 10 000 troops, all dressed in finery! What a splendid sight it would prove to be – if only they could see it. Knowing their chances of finding a good spot amongst the crowd were slim, Hans and Magdalene chose instead to climb onto the ledge of a nearby building, where they would be able to look almost directly down at the parade passing underneath. But getting to the ledge proved to be more difficult than anticipated. Magdalene, draped in layers of fluffy tulle and carrying her porcelain doll, was struggling.

She asked Hans for help, and Hans said no because he wanted to see the parade. She asked again, and he said no, if he could do it then so could she. She complained about having to carry her doll, and he snapped, “Then leave your stupid doll here!” and when her pleading turned from frustration to fear, Hans failed to notice until he turned and saw her fall. He would never remember climbing back down, but suddenly he found himself desperately shoving through the sea of onlookers, screaming for his sister as he tried to make his way toward her.

When he broke through the wall of people, he saw the crumpled, pink form that could only be Magdalene, her shattered doll still held in her hand. He begged the crowd for help as he sprinted toward her, collapsing to his knees when he finally saw the bloody scene that awaited him…and that Magdalene was still breathing. Abandoned by his fellow hive members, he turned to the procession of guards, pleading, begging, screaming. It was then that he saw one of the acolytes briefly glance over, and make a slight misstep. The words that stopped him came from the inquisitor himself, difficult to make out except for a very distinct “…let her die.” And so, in the crowded streets of Hive Bremen, eleven year-old Magdalene Bellmer succumbed to mortality, her broken body cradled in her brother’s arms.

The months following Magdalene’s death passed in a blur. After endless pleading to a god that did not hear him, Hans felt his eyes truly open for the first time. Gone was the rose-coloured lens that had tinted his view of the Imperium. The soldiery and regalia that had once seemed so attractive were merely shiny distractions from the ugly brutality of Imperialist doctrine. Realising that his own barbaric tendencies were the cause of Magdalene’s death, Hans vowed to eliminate barbarism, uncouthness, and incivility from his life. With the discovery of the medical sciences, another opportunity presented itself; not only could he eliminate these negative qualities in himself, he could eliminate them in others as well.

In medical school, Hans Bellmer chose to specialise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery under the strong belief that looking and behaving as a model citizen was the quickest way to becoming one. If one of those two aspects could be assured, then a person was halfway to avoiding an unseemly future. In the upper strata of the hive, demand for his services was persistent, and Dr. Bellmer soon found himself mingling with all breeds of aristocracy.
However, his business was largely dependent on word-of-mouth, and the whispers of his quality craftsmanship eventually reached the ears of the infamous drug lord Klaas Buhr. Here was a man known for savagery; guilty of everything from extortion to murder, Klaas Buhr sat atop a drug empire large enough and convoluted enough to have evaded the Adeptus Arbites for decades – and he had called for Dr. Bellmer.

There was no possibility that such a treacherous man could be corrected with a few aesthetic tweaks. And he was notoriously unappeasable as well. If he found himself dissatisfied with the end result, Dr. Bellmer would disappear like so many others before him. There was clearly only one solution: he had to kill Klaas Buhr.

The thought horrified him absolutely. He had become a doctor to help others, not to harm them. But he knew if his plan was successful, he would be helping thousands more than he could possibly hope to reach in a lifetime. The arrangements were made, and a date was set. When the time finally arrived, Dr. Bellmer was ready.

The idea was simple enough. Once Klaas was fully anaesthetised, the actual assassination would be relatively straightforward. And as Dr. Bellmer stood over the unconscious body, scalpel in hand, he thought about how straightforward it all was. How, with a single cut, he would rescue thousands of people from oppression. And how, despite all of his planning, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Instead, Dr. Bellmer packed up his tools, set the anaesthetic machine to run for several hours, and left, knowing that his decision could be called nothing other than cowardice.

Character Relations:

Despite his rougher mannerisms, Hakon presents an underlying civility and potential for improvement. So far, he seems to be a useful ally and friend. Several of his undesireable qualities have diminished slightly; whether this is due to a Halbrookian influence or something else, it is important to encourage this developmental progression. Upon witnessing his interactions with Vrag on Faldon Kise, there is reason to doubt his ability to act without violence in terse situations.

Recently a new concern has developed regarding Hakon’s use of fear tactics, as he is disinclined to even discuss the vulgarity of this pursuit. Further attempts to correct this behaviour must be made immediately and severely.

Werner Horne
Mr. Horne has displayed several psychological capabilities, which can hopefully be explored at a more in-depth level with continued interaction. Mr. Horne seems to have a surprising desire to avoid verbal interaction potentially leading to conflict. Desire to instigate and/or meet physical conflict seems to be unimpaired. Mr. Horne has also repeatedly withheld critical resources from allies, consistent with acute antisocial and alienating thinking. At high risk of unpredictable backlashes, severely volatile.

Multiple instances of jumping to conclusions can likely be attributed to a constant paranoia, and should be a primary consideration in future interactions. Attempts to withhold information from him seem to have neutral repercussions, further observation to be conducted.

Kane Dalton
Mr. Dalton possesses a rare ideological viewpoint that must be nurtured. He is an at-risk candidate for incivility, and already displays severe symptoms consistent with an uncouth mindset. Some potential for improvement indicated with exposure to Halbrookian theology; his ability to act with tact improves significantly in one-on-one interactions.

Mr. Dalton’s predisposition to singular analysis of situations when making decisions is unfortunately supported by a consistent stubbornness. Additional subtle remarks suggest a deeper sense of analysis and manipulation than previously credited, or a remarkable lack of critical thinking. Possibility he has been falsifying his personality in order to imbue a sense of apathy among his peers. Extremely dangerous.

Dr. Hans Bellmer

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