Theodore “Theo” Volkov


Theodore Volkov has led the remaining Imperial forces on Faldon Kise over the last few years. After the Inquisitor stationed on Faldon Kise was assassinated, a void was left in the command structure that was filled by a few inept men and women until Commander Volkov took the reins. As a stormtrooper, he is among the finest soldiers in the Imperial Guard – trained by the Schola Progenium in the art of war.

He is an intelligent man, skilled, courageous, and blessed with luck given how long he has kept the war on Faldon Kise going. An end to his life most likely means an end to the Imperial campaign on the planet.


It seems only a barbaric beast could fell Theodore Volkov. Killed rather unceremoniously at the Imperial command centre on Faldon Kise, he was riddled with bolts that tore him to pieces, before his head was severed, probably as a trophy for some Khornate cultist. Some say a traitor marine arrived on the planet with the sole purpose of murdering the Commander. This is likely – the Enemy would send its foulest beasts to destroy such a powerful man.

Theodore “Theo” Volkov

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