They Will be Abandoned

Hakon’s Log

Thought of the Day: Blood and Honour

Date: 4.909.004 M42

Upon arriving at Penolpass, we went down to a hole called Hoggtown with Vragg. An apparent neutral zone in the ongoing war. The formation of the army continues to go smoothly, with our numbers expanding, and the Vragg lovers have been sent onto the planet as an “expedition in force”. They will be abandoned.

Hoggtown is nothing but a pigsty. The city is indefensible, and the majority live in squalor. Lord Hogg is wary, and he is right to be. Horne is proving himself to be slightly more useful, as now he runs errands for Bellmer; quite fitting. The doctor should not bend the knee to him. Further proof of his incompetence comes from his storming off during our meeting. The men and women in the companies are loyal. Horne’s raving of treachery is nothing but a figment of his diseased and paranoid mind. Those who would betray us are already upon the surface.

Excepting the meeting, the first day passed by uneventfully. The second day was slightly more interesting. “King” Raes arrived to claim a champion for some dispute over a city. He is a fat wretch. Hans aided in negotiating a worthwhile price to fight for and we found ourselves in his camp for 100 million thrones. It will be the seed to begin our independence.

Shortly afterwards we sought a man named Renauld, according to the doctor, a man vested in the flesh trade. It was a surprise to find out that the renegade mechanicus in the area are making psykers. It is like them to toy with factors beyond their control. Regardless a price of 1.5 million was agreed upon for a psyker.

Despite not possessing the stone it is with shock that I learn of Vragg’s disappearance to Recursa, another city on Penolpass. A strange course of action to take given he did not have the stone. Kane and Horne set off in pursuit with the stone. Horne is not to be trusted with it, but I am confident that Kane will maintain control of the situation.

Unexpectedly the duel came to me. The apparent queen disputing Raes’s claim arrived with her champion. It was just a man, but strangely armed and oddly durable. I was unaware that tyranid bone was so as tough as it was. He was surprisingly skilled but in the end I was triumphant. There were a few curious slips and falls however… Regardless, the fat wretch best deliver his money soon.



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