Campaign Timeline

Start Date – 4.750.004 M42
The party is aboard the Imperial Hope, residing in close quarters. They have just learned that the ship is headed towards Faldon Kise, having been commandeered by a stranger.

4.792.004 M42
The party arrives on Faldon Kise, in the midst of a skirmish. They meet Emilia Hart, the spearhead of the FKLA, and are soon made aware of the situation on the planet.

4.795.004 M42
The party meets Richard McMannon at the Sole Regret. Balancing his contract and his conscience, he offers to guide the party to their target – Theodore Volkov.

4.798.004 M42
The party sets out to kill Theodore Volkov, commander of the Imperial Forces on Faldon Kise.

4.813.004 M42
The party finds and infiltrates the Imperial HQ. Theodore Volkov is slain by Hakon, while Kane kills his right-hand man. Magnus Vrag arrives at the HQ with reinforcements and destroys the installation. Lord Vrag leads the party, Eris, and Taurus below the complex, to a shrine where One of Three – The Loyalist is kept. Faldon Kise liberated and in the care of the locals, Lord Vrag now heads towards Penolpass to find answers to questions that he and the party have.

The party arrives on Penolpass, landing at Hoggtown. Werner Horne investigates a lead for Hans Bellmer, and the party meets to refine their plans for escaping Lord Vrag’s grasp.

King Raes arrives at Hoggtown looking for a champion. Dr. Bellmer negotiates a 100 million throne reward for defeating the Queen’s champion, winning King Raes the former capital city of Domegis. Hakon takes up the offer.

Kane Dalton discovers that Lord Vrag has already left for Recursa – supposedly where The Servants are located. The party splits apart, Hakon and Dr. Bellmer stay at Hoggtown while Kane and Horne leave for Recursa.

The Queen and her champion, Warmaster Kane, arrive at Hoggtown. As the two champions fight, Kane and Horne run into Khornate cultists at Recursa, demanding the return of “The Artefact”. While making their way to safety, the duo cross paths with Lord Vrag and Eris.

The party meets Melbourne after the fight.

Domegis is assaulted using bio-chemical warfare by the Merova family. The party faces the husks created by the strange gas, and fends them off successfully. With the capital of Penolpass left unpopulated, the party moves to collect their dues from Raes.

Campaign Timeline

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