Faldon Kise Liberation Army

The Faldon Kise Liberation Army (FKLA) has existed since the Imperium first imposed itself on the inhabitants of Faldon Kise. At first it was nothing more than a small town rising up against the new tyranny. The name was only a ruse – a five-hundred person army was hardly an army when compared to the Imperial might.

Relying on wit as much as martial capability, the FKLA would use falsified documents and allowed the interception of false communiques, giving the Imperium the impression of a greater threat. This tactic bought the people of Faldon Kise time, as the Imperial Army spent time preparing for threats that did not exist. In the matter of a few years, the FKLA actually grew to an army, and began pushing back against the Imperium.

The tide of war shifted drastically when the Imperial forces on Faldon Kise were put under the control of a new commander – an Inquisitor. The FKLA stood no chance, and they were rapidly being wiped out. Faldon Kise was close to full compliance when the new commander was assassinated, and the war reignited. The FKLA grew in size once more – turn coats turned their coats again and abandoned the Imperium, and a sizeable number of the Imperial army joined the FKLA as well.

Currently led by Emilia Hart, the FKLA has been very successful in recent years, growing stronger and more capable. Resources are still limited, however, and there are few struggles that persist. The Imperial army has begun reorganizing, however, and there are concerns that if the war doesn’t end soon, it will end with an Imperial victory.

Faldon Kise Liberation Army

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